Saturday, June 6, 2015

Roseville Has Smart Water Meter Opt-Out

City of Roseville, Michigan approves smart water meter opt-out. Read the news story
Roseville is charging the ridiculous sum of $27 per quarter to have your meter read manually. Still, better to pay this than have a smart meter on your home.  Smart water meters cause health problems, and we know of one man whose blood sugar and blood pressure levels went through the roof after one was installed. He and his doctor could not figure out why his levels, which had been well-controlled for years with medication, suddenly shot through the roof.  Months later, someone gave him one of our flyers, and his doctor said that the meter was the only explanation he could find.

DTE Trying to Soft Sell Some?

One of our members, who lives in an area that has been installed for over three years, reports that DTE came by her home and hand-delivered into her mailbox (which is illegalonly postal service can use mailbox) “two glossy, colored (expensive) brochures: Advanced Metering is Coming to You, and Let's Talk About Radio Frequency (RF), and laminated double-sided postcard (also expensive) DTE Energy AMI Opt-Out Program.” Guess she is getting the soft sell as opposed to a notice that her electricity will be shut off!