Thursday, September 17, 2015

Blind 92-Year-Old Woman Stands Up to DTE

Continuing its tactic of sporadically cutting off power to people who have locked their analog meter
or removed their smart meter, DTE shut off power to 6 people today, including a 92-year-old woman.

People are fighting back! Judy Wright called me as soon as she learned that DTE had cut her 92-year-old mother’s power. I advised her to call the TV stations and her state legislators. Always be proactive! Judy was, and it has paid off. Channel 7 is doing a story tonight at 11 on Judy, her mother, and one of Judy’s sisters. UPDATE: Channel 7's story is the most atrocious piece of reporting I have seen in ages. Doesn't even bother to tell people that the opt-out meter is a smart meter. Makes Mrs. Olga Puste look ridiculous!

Judy’s mother, Olga Puste is legally blind and uses a breathing machine—but that means nothing to the war machine that is DTE. Olga’s daughter who lives with her has a seizure disorder. Olga lives off her Social Security income, and has a freezer with a year’s worth of food. She’s sharp as a tack, and doesn’t want on her home a meter that will negatively affect her health. She and all her daughters live a naturopathic lifestyle.

Will You Be Next?

The chances are, you won’t be. Thousands of people have their meters locked. Divide just 1000 people by 5 people shut off per week, and it will take DTE 200 weeks—that’s four years— to shut everyone off. If you get a letter stating that your “locked meter is a health and safety hazard to your neighbors and your family,” call us immediately at 972-2677 (area code 734).

Does It Make Your Blood Boil?

Sanya’s power was shut off today as well. When a smart meter was put on her home at the end of August, her sister, who has a pacemaker, immediately began to experience irregular heartbeats. Supposedly, smart meters don’t affect pacemakers. Sanya took the meter off, and her sister’s irregular hearbeat went away. Do this make your blood boil? If so, read on.

What Do You Do Now?

DTE will steamroll over everyone, given enough time. We have an incredible ace in the hole: the Analog Choice Bill. The only way we are going to be able to play this ace is if you and everyone else reading this does anything and everything you can to get this bill passed After all, you gotta show up to the card game, or that ace in your back pocket won’t do a thing.

What you must do to ensure a no-cost analog opt-out for you, the elderly, the lame, and the well:
  1. Call your own state representative and senator and tell them you want a bill that will allow you to choose to have an analog electric, gas, and water meter.
  2. Get the word out in the House Energy Committee Districts. Learn more on our Getting the Word Out page. We are in desperate need of people to flyer some districts. See next box. If we don’t get those districts, we might not get the bill.
  3. Get the word out in your own community. Use the flyers on our Getting the Word Out page.

Hi, DTE. Are you enjoying this page?

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Cheboygan Tribune Reports on Consumers Energy Shut-Off

Cheboygan Tribune reporter Shawna McManus wrote a good story on Consumers Energy's decision to
shut off power to Jaime Chimner, a disabled woman with extreme sensitivity to electromagnetic fields.  The story reports that her doctors state that the reason her health declined after moving into a home with a digital meter in 2009 is the digital meter itself.

Read the story at

Stop Smart Meters has also published a story on this.

You can see our original story on Jaime and the shut-off at

Thanks to the Tribune for a good article, fairer and more comprehensive than almost any we've seen!

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Who Owns the Press? Consumers Energy and DTE, That's Who

Consumers Energy shut off power to a woman who is disabled and highly electrosensitive. After she removed her meter, her health improved dramatically. Her doctors said the digital meter was causing the problem. Channel 4&7 ( spent 1 1/2  hours interviewing Jaime Chimner as she awaited the Consumers Energy employees who came to shut her off.

As of this writing, no story has been broadcast!

The Cheboygan Tribune, after several days delay, printed a fair and comprehensive story. See blogpost for September 16.  Perhaps the TV station will follow suit.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Consumers Energy Shuts Off Power of Woman Who Is Disabled and Highly Electrosensitive

 “I won't put a death sentence on myself,
so we have said no to the digital meter.”
--Jaime Chimner--
Consumers Energy shut off power today to a woman with extreme sensitivity to electromagnetic frequencies. Jaime Chimner was severely disabled by a chemical accident in Lewiston, Michigan in the 1990s. She developed numerous health problems, suffered a stroke, and has to use a breathing machine. In 2009, she moved to Cheboygan, Michigan. Her symptoms began to worsen, and she developed many new ones, including pain, great difficulty walking, tinnitus,  balance issues, swelling, and more.  She has two doctors who have treated her for years. They pinpointed the genesis of her new and worsening symptoms to the digital meter on her new home. Her old home had an analog meter.

On August 26, Jaime (pronounced “Jamie”) and her husband, Joe, removed the meter and replaced it with an analog meter. Jaime says, “By the next morning most of my major medical issues had improved tremendously.”

Her doctors consider her improvement “amazing.” They have documented the changes in her health, and have written letters stating that the digital meter is the only cause they can find for the symptoms she experienced. One doctor wrote a prescription for an analog meter. I spoke with Jaime prior to the time she and her husband replaced their meter. Her thoughts, which were very jumbled with the meter on, were much clearer.

Thursday evening, Jaime and her husband met with Dennis McKee, Consumers Energy’s slick spokesman. He told her that he was going to have her power shut off, despite all of the terrible health effects she has suffered as a result of the meter, and despite the fact that once the meter was removed, the new health effects disappeared. Jaime asked to speak to someone higher up. McKee said, “I have personally made the decision that you will be shut off if you do not accept the digital meter. There is nowhere else to go.” Jaime says, “I won't put a death sentence on myself, so we have said no to the digital meter.”

Jaime has been highly proactive, despite her numerous health problems. Today (Friday, September 11), a camera crew from NBC 4 & 7 appeared at Jaime’s house, along with a reporter from the Cheboygan Tribune, after Jaime told them her power was to be shut off at 2 p.m. Consumers Energy appeared at the appointed time, and proceeded with shut-off. The TV story may run on the 11 o.clock news, or it may run tomorrow.

Jaime requires a breathing machine! Her health has been devastated by the meter. This is inhumanity at its worst! How someone, in this case Dennis McKee, could sit across from someone, look them in the eye, and tell her he does not care about her life is beyond comprehension.These utility companies and their agents are focused on one thing only—power and money. They are like the Nazis who considered the disabled of no account, and sent them to the gas chambers. Jaime has been living in hell, and it was slowly killing her. Rather than do the right thing, the utility company decides to assert its power and its will.

Please let this story spur every one of you to do everything you possibly can to get the Analog Opt-Out Bill passed. If you care for your fellow human, if you believe in justice, you must get out there.

This famous quotation from Martin Niemöller, a Protestant pastor who opposed Adolf Hitler and the Nazi regime, says it all. Niemoller spent 7 years in a concentration camp, standing by his ideals, and was released when Hitler fell.

First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Socialist.

Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Jew.
Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.


If you don’t act . . .

Thursday, September 10, 2015

DTE Once Again Refuses to Appear at a Public Forum on Smart Meters

Continuing its long tradition, DTE once again refused to appear at a public forum on smart meters in Harper Woods.  Anywhere that David Sheldon of Michigan Stop Smart Meters goes, DTE refuses to follow. Each time David gives a presentation at a city council meter, DTE cancels its own appearance.

Clearly, in the face of actual evidence, they know they will fail.

Read about the forum at C&G News.

Detroit Family Without Water Due to Smart Meter

The City of Detroit forces customer to pay to upgrade their plumbing to accommodate a smart water meter. That's right--you have to pay a plumber if your current plumbing, which works just fine with an analog water meter--won't accept a smart meter. What if you can't afford a plumber?

In this case, the woman's water was shut off without notice, leaving her and her family of small children without water for 2 weeks. The city didn't give a damn, and once she finally found out what the problem was, forced her to hire a plumber to install new pipe. He installed plastic pipe, she called the city, they told her she had to use metal pipe.  No sense telling her that the first time around. Then the city told her they wouldn't come out for another week.

She called Channel 7, and suddenly the city found the time to come out.

Read Channel 7 story.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Smart Gas Meters: 15,400 Pulses per Day

Did you utility company tell you that your smart gas meter signals for only  1 1/2 minutes per day? Is that true?  If you average all the pulses over the course of a day, then yes, it's true. But here's the real story. Each pulse is 5.86 milliseconds long. There are 90,000 milliseconds in 1.5 minutes. That amounts to 15,358.36 pulses per day of 5.86 millisecond each, or 639.93 pulses per hour.

This data is for one type of smart gas meter. Others may have slight variances, but will be similar.

Read our web page What Are Smart Meters, particularly the part, How Often Do Smart Meters Really Transmit for information on the Itron smart electric meter.

Learn more at the SmartMeterEducationNetwork
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Saturday, September 5, 2015

Electric Bills in the Thousands in Oklahoma: It Will Happen Here, Too

Residents of Claremore, Oklahoma find their electric bills are in the thousands of dollars after smart meters installed. "I'm afraid to turn the oven on, especially during those peak hours. Our upstairs is completely shut off so there's no cold air going up. A lot of our clothes we hang dry instead of putting them through the dryer," Shelley Taylor said. See the full story at Fox23.

Friday, September 4, 2015

Consumers Says They've Had No Complaints About Smart Meter Health Effects

Suave old Dennis McKee of Consumers Energy just told a woman who has been made seriously ill by
the smart meter Consumers Energy installed on her home that Consumers has never before had a complaint about negative health effects from a smart meter!  We know many of you have complained, and that this is an outright lie.

But, we also know Dennis McKee. I spent about 20 minutes on the phone with him a couple of years ago. I have a friend who works for Consumers, and she put him in touch with me. He began by telling me that the effects I felt were likely all in my head. Next, he told me a story about a woman he knew with severe anxiety, and that I was probably just anxious. He told me that meds helped her considerably. After I spoke with him about the effects the smart meter has on me and recited some of the scientific literature, he mused: "You seem like a calm, rational person." Perhaps he really does subscribe to a world view that says that anyone affected by a meter must be off their rocker! We all know he knows better than that now, but is in his best interests and the best interests of the company he works for to publicly cling to the outmoded idea that we are suffering from mass hysteria. Data-wise, this can be disproven in an instant, as most people did not know a smart meter had been installed on their home when their symptoms began. When they check with the utility company to find out when it was installed, it inevitably correlates with the date their symptoms began.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Exorbitant Bills for Consumers Energy Customers

Consumers Energy customers in a rural area of Van Buren County are outraged after getting bills that they say are more than 13 times the normal charge. “My bill went from $300 a month to $4,887 and I was like what the hell happened?” said Christina McCaid in an interview with Fox17.

The lack of readings of their analog meters is not because Consumers Energy just doesn't have the fortitude to be out in Michigan winters. The time period Consumers wasn't reading the meter was 14 to 24 months. Dennis McKee cited "dogs in the yard" and "poor visibility" as excuses. Really?! For two years  there's been poor visibility. On top of that the gas meters were read regularly.  It's clear to us that the real reason is that Consumers Energy has another selling point for smart meters. Ticking off a few low-income customers is a small price for the utility to pay when they can bend the ear of the legislators on why smart meters are so necessary. Dennis McKee, the Consumers Energy spokesman, was his usual suave, salesmanly self, intoning with great resonance that Consumers is dealing with these problems by changing analog meters to smart meters. The newscasters said, "Well, you can look at your bill and see whether it says 'actual' read or 'estimated' read. I know full well that is untrue. I have received a number of bills that have said "actual" when they were not. How do I know? I called the company when my next bill was higher than normal, and they said, "That's because your last read was estimated." When I told them it said it was an actual read, they reiterated that in fact was not an actual read.

“What really irritates me is that Consumers Energy can't come out and read my damn meter, but you can get out of the car and change the damn meter. It really burns me to no end,” said Berry, whose meter bill went up three thousand dollars, to Dennis McKee, Consumers Energy's mouthpiece. 

Don't forget to comment on the Fox17 website, and mention our name! There are already great comments there.

IMPORTANT--This happened in the district of Aric Nesbitt, chair of the House Energy Policy Committee. He needs to hear from his constituents that we do not want smart meters and we want an analog opt-out.