Friday, May 20, 2016

$10,700 Consumers Energy Bill for 7 Months

From comments on Fox News 17 website regarding excessive bills by Consumers Energy:
Tanya Hilliker
$5000 bill here by the time I moved, in just 7 months. Landlord said it was a Consumer Energy’s meter problem, CE said it was the landlords problem. I still got no answers, and they didn’t shut me off when I asked. My bill shot to over $7000. I gave them my disconnect verification number and told them to take me to court. I wasn’t paying a penny of that bill. Since I had already payed 3250, that put my bill at over $10,250 for 7 months!

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Smart Meter Talk May 22

Upcoming Talks on Smart Meters
What Is DTE Not Telling You?
Learn All You Need to Know
Network with Others
  Linda Kurtz, head of the Smart Meter Education Network, will give two talks on smart meters. These talks have been very well-received in the past. They provide you with an opportunity to learn more, ask questions, and network with others in the movement. Please attend. We have space for 120 people at each talk.
May 22 Talk

When: Sunday, May 22 from 2–5 p.m.
Where: Hadley Township Hall, 4293 Pratt Rd, Hadley, Lapeer County, MI  48440
June 12 Talk
When: Sunday, June 12 from 2–5 p.m.
Where: Hadley Old Town Hall, 3551 Hadley Rd, Hadley, Lapeer County, MI 48440
IMPORTANT NOTE: Please leave your cell phone and any other wireless devices (including iPads, Apple watches, FitBits, etc) in your car. Some attendees, as well as the speaker, are extremely electrosensitive and cannot tolerate wireless frequencies of any kind. Thank you for your consideration.

ANOTHER IMPORTANT NOTE: Please try not wear perfumes, essential oils, or strongly scented fabric softeners to the talk, as some people, including the speaker, are also chemically sensitive. Many people with EMF sensitivities become chemically sensitive.


Here is the flyer announcing the two talks.  Here is a link to our revised Ticking Time Bomb flyer, which gives people lots of information about smart meters. Pass the two out together. It really makes a difference! View all our flyers and choose the ones that suits you. The new Ticking Time Bomb flyer is not on the website yet.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Church Accommodates EMF-Senstive Woman

A church council in Finland has spent $4,500 to protect 45-year-old organist Christina Funch Mellgren against electromagnetic radiation from wireless technologies. Christina stated, "When I sat in church, I had blurred vision, so I could not read the notes. No one could figure out what was wrong... I got a sore head, and my hands shook..." She also suffered extreme fatigue and heart rhythm disturbances. Christina's employer, Parish Council Chairman Alice Top-Rasmussen stated, "We try to help our organist. I am of the opinion that you should not just fire people who are sick."

Publicity of this has garnered the typical irreverent remarks, but only from the ignorant and malevolent. Luckily, the EHS Association helped. The walls of her home were painted with a specialty paint [likely Y-Shield] which protects against wireless radiation, and all electrical devices were wired so as to not produce further radiation. It also means the congregation must turn off their mobile phones or put them on airplane mode while in church. Predictably, some church-goes have left this congregation.
See the story at

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Lapeer County Supports Analog Meter Choice

The Lapeer County Board of Commissioners has come out for analog meter choice and Michigan House Bill 4916. The Lapeer County Press did a great story on the resolution. 

Please write your commissioners expressing your thanks. I’d suggest asking them to amend the resolution so that it states that people should be able to have an analog meter on their home. The current resolution discusses only a non-transmitting meter (DTE’s current opt-out meter). DTE’s so-called opt-out meter is a non-transmitting meter.  The Commission is behind us. They forwarded the resolution to the Michigan Public Service Commission’s time-of-use rate comment section. Here is the contact info for the commissioners.


We strongly recommend that you listen to the heart-wrenching testimony Sheri White gave at the Lapeer County Commission meeting. Sheri is an electrosensitive woman whose life is being devastated. Her situation is very similar to mine.Her testimony starts at 8:17 and is about 2 minutes long. Also listen to the testimony of Elaine Gruska, who talks about how the smart meters have affected her elderly mother and her grandson, starting at 21:47. Everyone's testimony runs from 8:17 to 23:29.

Brown City Passes Resolution Regarding Smart Meters

Brown City in Lapeer County, Michigan, recently passed a resolution recommending that the Michigan Public Service Commission analyze the health risks around smart meters. Unfortunately, the MPSC already feels it has done that in U-17000. Brown City simply followed a now-outdated Shelby Township resolution.

The Brown City Banner published an excellent article on the smart meters on April 18, 2016.

Best Anti-Smart Meter Resolution to Date Passed by Marathon Township, Lapeer County

Marathon Township just passed one of the best resolutions against smart meters we have seen to date. It pulls no punches. Its language includes a statement that many customers “are concerned that emissions from smart meters may be attributed [sic] to serious health problems including but not limited to physiological, neurological, pulmonary, vascular, and sensory. It also states that township board members are concerned about privacy intrusions.  Marathon Township is in Lapeer County.

See for more information on smart meters in Michigan.

Monday, May 9, 2016

$50K Consumers' Bill Is Why We Need Smart Meters, Says Customer

Chris Boden, president of the Geek Group, says Consumers Energy estimated his nonprofit's electricity
usage for 18 months, then hit the nonprofit with a $50,000 electric bill. Boden says this is why we need smart meters--no more estimated bills. ""Smart meters are a good thing," he said.  "It's scary because it's different, it's scary because it's change.  And they are look 'ooooo' they are going to know what we are doing.  No, they are going to know that they are using a little bit mroe electricity at 7 a.m. than you were at 6 o'clock."

Look at this rash of TV stories on Consumers overcharging customers because of estimated reads on analogs. Why were there no stories on this a year ago, 2 years ago, 5 years ago? Why has Consumers Energy only been failing to make manual meter reads over the last year to year-and-a-half? We can bet they planned it this way--partway into smart-meter installation across their territory, they now come out with a "great" reasons about why you should get a smart meter.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Michigan Case Involving Smart Meters Scheduled for May 11, 2016


Homeowners association attempts to force woman out of her home.

Georgetta's rash, from Mlive photo gallery.
Oak Valley Homeowners v Georgetta Livingstone, motion hearing Wednesday May 11, 2016 at Oakland County Court at 8:30 a.m. The motion hearing might start at 8:30 or it could start much later. Dockets usually set all cases for the same time, then cases are called up individually by the judge. So her case could start at 8:30 later in the day.

Georgetta Livingstone, a Ph.D. mechanical engineer now in her eighties, became extremely ill after DTE installed a smart meter on her home in 2011
, suffering tremendously with terrible, debilitating rashes, headaches, anxiety, depression, sharp pains in her body, and insomnia. You can see a picture of the rashes in this MLive story. When Georgetta told DTE what was happening, they were unresponsive. She then purchased an analog meter and had a professional install it on her home. DTE then cut off Georgetta’s power. Everything in Georgetta’s home requires electricity; it is needed even for flushing toilets and for water. An article in the Daily Tribune states: “After her power was cut, she was reduced to ‘primitive life,’ she said, having to use the restroom at a nearby Kroger and take showers at a neighbor’s home.”

She has spoken to the Michigan House Oversight Committee, to House Energy Committee Chair Aric Nesbitt (who told her he was more concerned about the privacy issues surrounding smart meters than any health concerns), and many others. She has been ignored.

Then, her neighbors complained about noise from the generator she was using and her use of solar power and wind turbines. Her homeowner’s association has issued large fines and has now taken her to court. They would ultimately like to take her home away. This is similar to a case regarding chemical sensitivities that was litigated last year in Ann Arbor. Those who cannot tolerate the mass of pollution we now are living in are treated as pariahs! Please come to the court hearing. A strong showing will show the judge and the press (if they are there) that people with environmental sensitivities need to be accommodated, just as we accommodate those with physical and mental disabilities.

Please note that wind power, generators, and solar power are not safe and generate dirty electricity. It would seem that for Georgetta, she is most sensitive to the smart meter frequencies that ran through her home wiring and that she may also have had the RF from the meters riding on her wiring.

Here is the link to the court filings in this case, Oak Valley Homeowners v Georgetta Livingstone.

Links to Georgetta’s story:

·        Georgetta’s statement to the Michigan House (English is not her first language)
·        Photos of Georgetta’s rash, printed in MLive and Ann Arbor News
·        Mlive article
·        Lansing State Journal
Daily Tribune